Woops my 10 minute study break turned into a whole year

How do you prepare for a movie awards performance?

Anonymous said: what are you wearing right now?

im wearing my no drugs tshirt (its just says drugs with a red cirle exing it out) and cocacola pj pants.

funny story i was wearing this shirt yesterday when i went to starbucks and the cute barista was all “you do know caffines a drug” and i looked him dead in the eyes and whispered “its a metaphor” and winked at him and we flirted its a thing

yes i slept in this shirt shut up

Anonymous said: do you have any siblings?

i have two older brothers(they used to put me down all the time and made me feel like crap but theyre getting better so meh i kinda like them)

Anonymous said: whats your fav pizza topping?

i like pepperoni pizza and ranch!

Anonymous said: I've been listening to 21p for about 5 months now thanks to one of my best friends but have never gotten round to actually finding out that much about Tyler and Josh apart from the fact they're fucking cuties and amazing at what they do. Is there anything else important I should know? Because I kinda feel like a fake fan right now....

hmm not really i mean youre not a fake fan just because you can write a novel on their favorite foods lol

just know that tyler and josh really love their fans and would probably do anything for them. also they love taco bell and their moms

Anonymous said: What the meaning behind the video of house of gold?

hmm okay i really like this meaning its something that i have had to deal with and its really really close to my heart

okay so you know the saying “id take a bullet for you” and how everyone is so quick to say “id die for you, thats how much i love you” but in reality its easy. anyone can die for someone, however, the really tough part is trying to live for someone. have you ever had to do that? because i have and its honestly the hardest thing in the entire world, especially if you would just rather be dead. the music video takes a literal twist on that idea. living for someone when you’re dying. Theyre cut in half and clawing through the desert trying to live. to live for their mom and to live for the music and you can see the struggle. with mental illness it isnt as easily portrayed that youre dying(even when every bone in your body tells you that you are) but this takes it up a notch lol. and also it takes a dark twist on a seemingly light hearted song

Anonymous said: what are you thinking right now?

bout josh dun

man that man is cute