gather round children tis story time once again

so ive been wanting to see bastille for approx forever now right? they were coming to orlando but it was sold out sigh and then it was announced that the day of my senior prom they were coming to st. petersburg for a free festival so obvi was like hell yeah fucking right im doing this who cares about prom b a s t i l l e and then like 2 weeks before the concert my best friend(and concert buddy)(we go to everything together) got an email from the record companuy(bastille’s) that she was being given 2 tickets to the sold out show so we were like oh my god this is the best thing ever bc small gig right? so we got to the venue at 5am and sat in line for the longest time and we got barricade to see them and it was all just so beautiful and the concert was freaking amazing although the girls behind us were the most annoying concert goers to have lived it was soo worth it and the opening band’s bassist and I shared a moment(and after the set he handed me the set list) and afterwards we waited outside for 5 hours and we didnt think they would show up bc some nasty bitch came out and said they’d been drinking and whatever(it wasnt tru)(dans breath smelled like love not alcohol) so 30 minutes before the park was about to shut down(bc it was at downtown disney) kyle and woody came out and i was saying how i loved kyles stache and his shirt was hardcore(it was a rainbow mickey mouse shirt) and i got to touch the pompom thing on woody’s beanie and he was saying how he clapped so hard he things he burst a blood vessel in his hands and i was like dude thats dedication and then will came out and i told him that id see him tomorrow and he asked where they were playing and he joked it was in st pete, russia and i told him how when i was on my way back from picking up my friend we went an hour out of the way because siri thought i meant take me to downtown disney in california and then lastly dan came out and he was so sweet(they all were) but the first words out of his mouth were “hi thanks for waiting” and we high fived multiple times and hugged multiple times and it was great and i congratulated him on his hair bc that quiff do and he was saying how he was exited for the festival tomorrow and i was like me too see you there! and he was just like so happy that we were going to both aw and then i didnt get home til 5am and woke up at 10 and went to the other concert and got like 3rd row back and while the 1975 (who were freaking amazing and matty was so sweet he yelled at this crowd surfers for kicking this girl in the head like 8 times) were up we saw dan and kyle standing off to the stage watching them and then they looked out into the crowd and i gave them a little wave and they smiled back and it was presh and then they were up again and they were amazing as always and i got knocked down to the ground hard from a flying crowd surfer and then afterwards i was going to wait but i had only gotten like 4 hours of sleep in 72 hours so i was like its okay i met them the previous night so i went home and yeah i had a great time instead of prom

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